GEO offers many opportunities for study abroad alumni to continue their international education and share their experiences abroad in a variety of contexts. The following are a few examples:   

Lessons from Abroad
If you are unable to attend the GEO Welcome Back Workshop held on the UO campus, you can also participate in workshops and conferences organized by Lessons from Abroad. This is a national organization that hosts returnee events throughout the year in various geographic regions. For more information, go to:

Conversation Partners
Many universities try to connect international students with other students on campus who have strong cross-cultural communication skills. Students who study abroad not only have this skill, they often also have the interest in engaging with international cultures. At the UO, students can serve as conversation partners or tutors with the American English Institute (AEI).

Language Circles
The Mills International Center at the UO (located in the EMU) is a great place to engage with students, staff, and faculty interested in international cultures and languages. Not only does the Mills Center have a robust library of international magazines and travel books, they also host weekly language circles where people with varying levels of proficiency gather to practice speaking a foreign language. Typically there are language circles for Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and German.