Mobile Phone Policy

GEO requires that you arrive with a working mobile phone that can make both local and international calls. Should you purchase or rent a local phone or change your number at a later date (for instance by acquiring a local SIM card), make sure to update your contact information with your on-site program leader and with GEO by filling out the “Contact Information While Abroad” questionnaire in your online GEO application.

GEO’s support for the safety and security of students, includes making periodic contact via mobile phone. GEO requires that each student have a working phone number for communication with the program leaders, other participants, and the GEO office in Eugene. Throughout the program, you must always carry a mobile phone that can make and receive both domestic and international calls. It must be charged, turned on, and the voicemail set to accept messages.

You can choose to purchase an international plan, a dual-country SIM card, a local SIM card or a local Pay-as-you-go phone. Costs associated with the mobile phone, including any rental fees and calling plan purchases are not included in the GEO program fee, and are your responsibility.