Once you have selected your program of choice, the next step is to start an online application. On each program page in the GEO website, you will find an “Apply Now” button on the right-hand side of the screen that will take you to the application login page for your specific program. Once you have started an application, you can login directly on the GEO Portal.

Please note: There are two login options. If you are a UO student, please use ‘UO Login’ and your Duck ID. If you are a partner university student and not enrolled at UO, please use ‘Non-UO Login’.

Application Materials  
The online application for most GEO programs will require you to complete the following:

  • Application essay(s)
  • Questionnaires
  • Signature Documents: read and agree to all instructions, waivers, policies, etc.

Application Review
Once you have completed all of the materials in the initial application, your application will be reviewed by GEO and will have the status “Under Review.” Following the initial review:

  • For competitive applications, UO students may be invited to an interview. Note: Most programs do not require this. 
  • Non-UO students should consult a study abroad advisor on their home campus to ask about any additional application processes that may be required from their home institution

Admissions Decision  
Once the application review has been completed, your application status will be moved to one of the following:

  • Acceptance offered status
    • Students on GEO programs who are offered acceptance will then need to confirm their participation by paying a deposit and advancing to “Acceptance Confirmed” status. This is true for UO students and most non-UO students.  
    • In some cases, students from partner universities are advanced directly from “Under Review” to “Acceptance Confirmed” once their home campus has approved their application. Consult with your GEO advisor if you have any questions about this.    
  • Waitlist status
    • Students may be offered a place on the waitlist in the event that enrollment in a GEO program has reached capacity.
  • Nominated status (UO students only)
    • UO Students participating on exchange programs or third party provider programs will be nominated by GEO. Final acceptance for these programs is determined by the host university (in the case of exchange programs) or by the third party provider program (CIEE, SIT, IE3 Global, Semester at Sea, DIS).
  • Withdrawn / denied status
    • If GEO determines that your application does not meet requirements for the program, your application will be withdrawn and you will receive a letter from GEO explaining the status of your application.

Secondary Applications
UO students participating in exchange programs or third party provider programs (CIEE, SIT, IE3 Global, DIS) will need to complete a second application. Instructions for this process are included in the GEO online application. If you are participating in an exchange program, you are encouraged to work closely with your GEO advisor.

Non-UO students will likely need to complete an application and/or approval process on their home campus; please consult your local study abroad office for details on their process. Applications will not be moved from “Under Review” to “Acceptance Confirmed” without the approval of the home institution.