Financial Aid and Program Cost

One important consideration when selecting a program is cost. GEO recognizes that studying abroad is a significant financial commitment, which is why we publish a program budget on every program page of our website. All students are encouraged to become familiar with their program’s budget and with GEO financial policies before committing to a program.

The cost of a program can vary depending on several factors, such as program length, cost of living in the city/country where the program is based, availability of on-site staff, features such as excursion and program activities, etc. For this reason, a 6-week summer program in Mexico will very likely be less expensive than a 15-week program in England.

As you review cost and financial matters, make sure you are aware of the following:
1.    Most forms of financial aid scholarships can be applied to the cost of study abroad. Consult with your financial aid office to find out how your specific financial aid package (including FAFSA award letter and university scholarships) will work with study abroad. UO students can contact the UO Financial Aid office at (541) 346 3221 or

2.    You may be eligible for study abroad scholarships. Reach out to our GEO scholarship advisors ( for questions and for assistance with applications and scholarship essays. You can also connect with GEO advisors during drop-in advising hours or by scheduling an appointment on Navigate. See the GEO Advising page

3.    Any gap between your financial aid resources and the program cost will be your responsibility. Do not necessarily expect for financial aid and scholarships to cover the entire cost of the program. As part of financial planning, make sure that you have reviewed all of the different funding sources that are available to you.

4.    UO students who are currently receiving financial aid and have already been accepted to a GEO program can apply for a short-term loan from GEO to help cover up-front costs such as airfare. Note: this is not an additional loan; instead it is early access to financial aid resources that you would be receiving at a later date. The amount of the short-term loan ($300-$2000) would be charged to your UO student billing account along with a small loan processing fee. For more information, please contact