Study Away in Oregon

Inspiration. Innovation. Exploration
Nestled in the lush Willamette Valley, with an easy drive to both the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains,
the University of Oregon is renowned for its research prowess and commitment to teaching.


Looking for a travel-based cultural experience for your students, but considering a domestic option? GEO is based at the University of Oregon, a Research 1, Division 1 public institution located in Eugene with a satellite campus in Portland and research institutes throughout the state. Top ranked university programs include sustainable architecture, environmental and natural resources law and education, disaster resilience, and marine biology.

GEO can build customized, faculty-led programs in Oregon that allow students to engage in experiential learning informed by public health guidelines and our dedicated Health, Safety and Risk Manager. Partnering with GEO allows access to the vast resources a large public university can offer such as distinguished faculty lecturers and quality facilities. Plus, travel costs are generally lower for a domestic experience, increasing accessibility for students.

Contact Lisa Calevi at for information about how we can create a high-quality experience for your students in Oregon – or abroad!