Stephen Duff

Course Description 

Four credits - Pass/No Pass only.

This seminar is designed to take advantage of your residency in the unique urban environment of Greater Vancouver.  The seminar will be composed of three interrelated parts:

  • A general study of the architecture and urban design of Vancouver, and a more in-depth study of the history and urban structure of Granville Island, with an emphasis on the on-going urban design and land use planning study. Work will consist of in-class presentations by the instructor and visitors, field trips and case studies.
  • A core activity in the class will be an urban design charrette. Working in groups and with the involvement of Granville Island planning staff and local professionals, you will be asked to propose solutions to real, site-specific land-use problems.
  • A second principal activity in the seminar will be program development for the building projects that will be taken on in the design studio.  This, too, is a real problem, and a principal concern will be how building uses will complement and contribute to identified planning goals (in particular, how to draw people to and increase activity levels in less-populated outdoor areas on the island).