Courses and Credits

Enroll in two courses for eight quarter and six semester credits.


Advertising and Promotional Culture in the UK

Read more about Advertising and Promotional Culture in the UK This course provides and develops a critical understanding of the advertising industry in the UK, and explores its cultural, social, economic and political significance. It examines how advertising is created and how it responds to advertisers’ needs, challenging students to consider how this is done in a British…
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Arts Journalism in London

Read more about Arts Journalism in London Four quarter credits.This course will take full advantage of London’s rich cultural provision and the varied work of its many arts journalists and critics. To augment classroom lectures and tutorials by the course instructor there will be field trips to significant cultural sites, theatres, galleries, concert halls, newspapers, TV studios, etc. and regular…
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News Journalism

Read more about News Journalism Four quarter credits.In this course you will examine the practice of news journalism, and the manner in which it is being remolded by new digital platforms and increasing competition. The key requirement is that you are curious about the world and the way it is changing. You will need to read widely about how the world is reported – and you will have the chance to write and…
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The Culture of Sport and Sports Journalism in the UK

Read more about The Culture of Sport and Sports Journalism in the UK Four quarter credits.Britain is currently in the middle of what’s been called its ‘Decade of Sport’. After London’s successful hosting of the Olympics in 2012 and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014, attention will turn to the Rugby World Cup in 2015 and then the World Athletics Championships in 2017.…
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Visual Journalism in London

Read more about Visual Journalism in London To misquote Mark Twain, reports of the death of TV journalism have been greatly exaggerated. But the landscape is changing with bewildering speed. The way we watch news has undergone a revolution in the past decade – a revolution that shows no sign of slowing down. And the way younger people get their news continues to challenge the world’s major…
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Social Media for Journalists

Read more about Social Media for Journalists Social Media has changed the way that both journalists - and audiences - find and share the news. How are these changes affecting journalistic practice? And what are the social media skills that journalists need today?This class will explore the social media strategies of major news media outlets and journalists, exploring different social platforms…
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