Courses and Credits

Spring Quarter

International Public Policy

Read more about International Public Policy Public policy is concerned with the outcomes of the political process. Public policies everywhere are shaped by ideology, institutions, political culture, participation by citizens, and the influence of the media, political parties, and interest groups. This course introduces international dimensions of public policy making by comparing national systems…
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Arts Management

Read more about Arts Management This course introduces students to key concepts and career pathways in the professional field of arts management. It is well known that London possesses an unsurpassed arts and culture scene. In this course, students explore what is involved in the leadership and management of world-class professional arts organizations – such as the museums, symphony orchestras, theatre…
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Contemporary Britain in a Global Setting

Read more about Contemporary Britain in a Global Setting This course examines contemporary British politics and society. We will discuss the commanding themes in British politics and public life and look at their historical context. The course provides an introduction to the principal institutions, parties and issues in British politics. This will extend to consideration of key social…
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BA 325 Global, Legal, and Social Environment of Business

Read more about BA 325 Global, Legal, and Social Environment of Business Study the legal and ethical regulations of business organizations--including their human resource, finance, production, marketing, and environmental functions--in the United Kingdom, United States, and throughout Europe.
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