Fall Semester, Summer
Homestay, Hostel
Global Health, Development and Service-Learning in Accra
Ghana African Studies Global Health Biology International Studies Internship Development Studies Service Learning Social Sciences and Humanities STEM Nonprofit Organizations Psychology
Media in Ghana
Ghana Journalism and Media Studies African Studies
Fall Quarter, Spring Quarter, Summer, Winter Quarter
Camping, Hostel
Wildlands Studies
Multicountry African Studies Anthropology Asian Studies Biology Environmental Studies Ethnic Studies International Studies Latin American Studies Planning Public Policy and Management Public Policy Social Sciences and Humanities
Fall Semester, Spring Semester
SIT: Social and Political Transformation in South Africa
Africa South Africa African Studies Social Sciences and Humanities Journalism and Communications
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Apartment, Homestay, Residence Hall
Sciences Po Exchange
France French European Studies Asian Studies Latin American Studies Development Studies African Studies Environmental Studies Ethnic Studies Global Health History Business and Economics Cross-Cultural Communications International Studies Human Rights Judaic Studies Law Service Learning Social Sciences and Humanities Sociology Middle Eastern Studies Nonprofit Organizations Planning Public Policy and Management Political Science Public Policy
Intensive Swahili in Zanzibar
Tanzania Swahili African Studies