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GEO Scholarships for UO Students

GEO offers a wide range of scholarships for UO students planning to study abroad. There are scholarships based on financial need, academic merit, student background, and on participation in specific regions.

GEO offers study abroad scholarship advising and can provide feedback on your scholarship essays. Call 541-346-3207 or email geoglobe@uoregon.edu for questions. You can also check our Events page for any upcoming scholarship and program information sessions.

Planning Scholarships
Take your first step towards studying abroad by applying for GEO’s Planning Scholarships. There are four scholarships that help UO students plan for success abroad. You can apply as early as Fall of your freshman year by the December 15 deadline. Recipients would be identified approximately one month after the deadline. Those recipients would know that they can plan on having a scholarship waiting to be used whenever they decide to participate in a GEO-sponsored study abroad program.

GEO Scholarship for First-Generation College Students

GEO Study Abroad Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Map Your Future

GEO Passport Grant

Deadline for All Planning Scholarships:
December 15

GEO Center Scholarships (New!)
GEO is making available multiple scholarships of $3,000 - $5,000 to support students participating in a GEO Center program during the Spring Semester 2020 and Spring Quarter 2020. The scholarship can be used to participate in programs at the following GEO Centers: London, Siena, Angers, Segovia, and Oviedo. The GEO Center Scholarship will be awarded based on financial need and academic merit, with the goal of providing access to students with financial need. For additional scholarship opportunities, you can also apply for the GEO General Study Abroad Scholarships application.    

Application Deadlines:
Spring Semester 2020: November 1, 2019
Spring Quarter 2020: January 10, 2020

APPLY NOW for the GEO Center Scholarship


GEO General Study Abroad Scholarships
If you have already know when you plan to study abroad program, make sure that you complete the GEO General Study Abroad Scholarships application. With this one application, you will be considered for multiple scholarships that are available throughout the academic year, including:  the GEO Ambassador Scholarship, the Mills Scholarship, the Smith Scholarship, the Fulmer Scholarship, and the Tims Memorial Scholarship. These five scholarships are conveniently bundled into one application. Eligibility for each scholarship varies. Applications will be reviewed and sorted internally according to which scholarships they qualify for.

APPLY NOW for the GEO General Study Abroad Scholarships

Application Deadlines
Winter Quarter: November 1, 2019
Spring Semester: November 1, 2019
Spring Quarter: January 10, 2020
Summer: March 10, 2020
Fall Semester/Quarter: April 10, 2020

Region-Specific Scholarships
GEO also has scholarships for students participating in specific countries or regions. Selection for these scholarships is based on academic merit and/or financial need, in addition to interest in that region. Deadline and application cycles vary by scholarship.




Middle East and Africa: