Exploring the Dolomites: Landscape, History, Ecology, and Literature in Northern Italy

During this 14-day journey, you will experience the best of the Dolomite Mountains of northeastern Italy, just south of the Alps. Enjoy conscious hiking, environmental and historical education, and documenting the experience through digital storytelling. The adventure of hut-to-hut hiking through tunnels created during WWI will acquaint students with the magnificent natural landscape, the contrast of the gentle curves of flowery meadows with the extraordinarily varied sculptural shapes of bare, pale-colored towering peaks.

Food, Culture, and Sustainability in Italy

Experience Italian food and culture in the contexts of beautiful Siena and Tuscany. Italian cuisine has influenced food culture around the world and is viewed as a form of art by many. Participating in this program will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of complex food-related issues and develop new insights into the ways in which food mediates social, political, cultural, environmental, and economic processes. Study the renowned gastronomy while enjoying the picturesque surroundings. 

GEO Elements: Choose A Language Partner

Venture outside your classroom and country and spend weekly sessions practicing your language skills with college students or locals!  Build your confidence and enjoy interesting cross-cultural interactions that introduce you to people and exciting new learning options. Language partners are a great way to apply what you learn in the classroom and hear native speakers use their own language.

GEO Elements: Get A Language Tutor

Receive extra help from experienced professors where and when you need it the most.

Practice your Italian, Spanish or Modern Greek from the comfort of home.

Language tutoring is synchronous, with participants determining the most convenient schedule and platform (Zoom, Skype, or What’s App).



Italy and Spain:

$45 - $59 per hour

No minimum commitment

GEO Elements: Virtual Homestay Family

Add a new level of cultural integration and engagement to your academic experience! Choose a host family in Spain or Italy and take advantage of the opportunity to converse and exchange with them virtually. Enjoy the warmth of your own host family and share fun virtual activities while making real connections and language progress.

Weekly activities include a live interaction over a meal and several video, audio, and text exchanges during the week.

Intensive Italian Language in Lecce

The Lecce program offers you an opportunity to learn Italian language at an accelerated pace through intensive study and immersion in the Italian culture. This program can accommodate you, whether you want to begin or continue the study of the Italian language, at any level. You can earn the equivalent of a full year of Italian language in just two months, while spending your summer in the popular tourist destination of southern Italy.

In addition to intensive language courses, the program includes excursions around the local area, and two extra-curricular cultural courses.

Italian Language and Culture in Siena

Combine the study of Italian language (for absolute beginners to advanced) with courses in fields including anthropology, art history, communications, economics, food and culture, history and political science. You can elect to enroll in Italian semi-intensive language courses for 50 contact hours at the beginning, intermediate or advanced levels. You will enroll in the intercultural communications (ICC) course and, combined with a community placement, can elect to earn service learning credit.

Stones and Stories: Trekking Italian Landscapes in Siena

The Via Francigena is a pilgrimage route dating to early medieval times which became an important source of social and economic exchange. The route played a central role in the renaissance in Siena and broader Italy and was experienced by such travelers as St. Francis of Assisi, author Mary Shelley and her husband, and Italian Nationalist Guiseppe Garibaldi. You will explore the natural and social history of the Via Francigena, with an historic and literary focus on the route from the thirteenth century to present.

University of Pavia Exchange

Enroll directly in courses taught in Italian at the University of Pavia, Italy. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student in Italian and/or Romance Languages, this program is ideal for you. The program is limited to a maximum of two UO participants per year and one of the participants will be admitted to the prestigious Collegio Ghislieri and housed in the Collegio's sixteenth century building, in a large single suite.