Art History

Art History in London

Art History in London will immerse students in the vibrant cultural center of London – a truly global cultural center. Site visits and hands-on projects take full advantage of London as a creative laboratory. Guest lectures and tours allow students to learn from London-based art and design historians, and museum and gallery professionals. Course readings, discussions, daily field trips, and interactive projects allow students to explore London’s most exciting art and design developments through art historical contextualization, current critical debates, and curatorial considerations.

CIEE: Communications, New Media, and Journalism in Prague

Through direct enrollment at the most prestigious university of Prague, and internships with local media organizations and firms, this program will allow you to develop a deeper literacy about global communication trends, while analyzing and articulating the complexities of contemporary life in the Czech Republic. Prague’s fast-paced and ever-evolving media landscape makes it an ideal place to learn about global communication trends.

CIEE: Russian Areas Studies in St. Petersburg

Note: CIEE has suspended this program due to COVID-19 for the Spring 2022 Semester 

The Russian Area Studies (RAS) program is for students who have a beginner to low intermediate level in Russian language and are interested in taking topic courses taught in English. The program offers a set of courses, taught in English, on Russian history, culture, and civilization as well as a Russian language.

Fibers in Florence

This program will not run again in the foreseeable future.

Learn Jacquard silk weaving and design at the Foundation Lisio in Florence, Italy. Explore fabric analysis and learn how to identify complex weave structures like brocade, damask, lampas, liseré, and velvet. On site, you will observe master silkweavers at their looms, engaged in the product design process.

German Language and Culture in Berlin

Note: Summer Session I is NOT open to UO students because program dates overlap with Spring Term.

In this program, you will be immersed in German language and culture. You will directly enroll in the Freie Universität of Berlin (FUBiS) summer program.  Develop your intercultural communication skills by joining the international community of students from more than 50 countries that attends FUBiS every year. Further these skills by living with a local family in a homestay.