How to Build a Customized Program with GEO

In addition to our four centers abroad, GEO’s global reach comprises a broad network of partners in dozens of countries, allowing us to build your program and support your students in locations around the world. In addition, with our staff of more than 20 international education professionals based at the University of Oregon, GEO can provide key resources in areas like program development, student services, risk management, institutional relations, finance, and more. Building a customized program for our partners is one of the most exciting things we do!



    Considering building your next customized program with GEO? Here are some helpful answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. For a complete list of FAQs see How to Build a Customized Program

    Q: Do we have to pay University of Oregon tuition since GEO is a provider housed at the UO?
    A: No. GEO will only charge you the program fee listed in your proposal, which covers the program costs and does not include tuition. GEO will bill your home institution in one lump sum after your enrollments have been confirmed.

    Q: Does GEO only do full programs, or can we select program elements like lectures, classroom space, and excursions for an already existing program?
    A: GEO is happy to work with you on whatever you need. Depending on the location and your requested program elements, GEO will inquire with our network of international partners to see what we can offer you.

    Q: How much does it cost for a two-week program?
    A: Depending on location, excursions, number of students, and other variables, program costs can vary significantly. However, we pride ourselves on a collaborative approach to program development ensuring that we can provide you with the most inclusive proposal at your desired price point.