3rd Year Intensive Spanish- Grammar Review

Analia R. Calafato
Course Description
The present course, Intensive Review Spanish Grammar, aims to recover and systematize students' knowledge about the grammar of Spanish, in order to contribute to the improvement, by advanced students of Spanish as a foreign language, of their communicative competence. Such competence is understood as the dominion and generalized access to a baggage of strategic resources oriented to an effective interaction and communication within the framework of a certain society and its culture. In this sense, the selection of content has started from the concept of discourse as a linguistic expression that circulates in a real and social situation of communication and grammar as a reflection on the language system - in this case, the Spanish.The question of the unity and diversity of Spanish appears as central in the formation of the communicative competence for a student of Spanish as second language, for which we have integrated contents related to the dialectical varieties of Spanish of Spain and America, some salient features of the Spanish of Argentina, and the phenomena of lunfardo, and particular slangs of the Rio de la Plata region.