Christopher Chavez

Course Description 

Today, advertising, public relations, and media professionals play an active role in creating messages intended to reach audiences living in diverse parts of the world. In this class, we will learn how to construct strategic campaigns intended for global audiences. As one of the most important production centers in Europe and a link to the Latin America, Spain plays an important role in global cultural production. In the first part of the class, we focus on cultural considerations and the shared values that may unite audiences. In the second part of the class we focus on messaging and creative strategy, finding ways to unite audiences while respecting local values and traditions. To ground our study, we will focus on the Spanish wine industry as a way to understand how local products are marketed to global audiences.

Course objectives:

To develop a critical understanding of global culture and its relationship to strategic communications

To become fluent in the process of building and integrated global campaign

To conduct and utilize research in designing a global campaign message