Journalism and Communications

GlobalWorks Internships: Journalism + Communications

The GlobalWorks International Internship Program, administered by the UO Global Studies Institute (GSI), offers internship opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors in locations around the world. Internships opportunities are highly customizable and we guarantee placement in your preferred sector and location. Students earn UO credits as well as life-changing work experience in a different culture.

Comparative Internet Law

This survey course on comparative internet law is designed to teach students about a variety of internet-related laws and policies they will likely confront in their personal lives and professional careers. The internet has had a dramatic impact on communication, business, commercial transactions, and the control of information. This course provides an overview of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing communication and commercial activities conducted via the internet and online platforms in the United States and European Union.

Communication Law

The rights to free expression and the free press are central to democracies around the world. They define what we can say, print, or publish, as well as when we can be penalized for unprotected expression. In this course, we pay special attention to speech and press freedoms—covering topics such defamation, pornography and obscenity, media regulation, and the right to access information. We also examine the boundaries of privacy, copyright, and trademark laws. Our focus is primarily on comparing US law and the American legal system with the laws and legal systems of the European Union.

Instagramming Paris: Media Unfiltered

This program is now full, and the application has been closed for Summer 2022.

This 4-week study abroad experience will introduce students to media ethics and media literacy through the lens of visuals in Paris, France, one of the most iconic cities on the globe. Close your eyes and picture Paris. What do you see? No doubt the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, and Notre Dame come to mind. Or perhaps you see people strolling along the Champs-Élysées or picnicking on the banks of the Seine River.

J 480 - Strategic Communication in Entertainment and Culture

This course examines how strategic communication is used to promote participation in global entertainment and culture, such as music, art, sports, film, and historical sites that operate as both as modern entertainment (i.e., tourism) and symbols of a region’s cultural heritage. Concepts are taught within the context of strategic communication case studies.

PR & Advertising in London

This 3-week program will introduce students to global strategic communication through the lens of public relations and advertising in London, United Kingdom. Students will learn through classroom instruction, lectures and visits with local practitioners, experiential excursions, and special projects designed to enhance their understanding of the global forces impacting the strategic communication industry.

Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations Exchange

In this exchange program, you will enroll directly in classes at Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations at Ramon Llull University, located in the center of Barcelona. The university specializes in International Relations and educating and training journalists, publicists, public relations professionals, and professionals in the fields of cinema and television. As an exchange student, you will be able to take classes in Communication, International Relations, or Global Communication Management, and there are classes available in English, Spanish, and Catalan.