Sustainable Marketing

Roger Rutan
Course Description
Sustainability is an important topic that has implications for every business as well as in our daily lives. At the heart of sustainable marketing is the triple bottom line—how environmental, economic, and social practices can be integrated into businesses for the benefit of current and future generations. Consumer awareness of sustainability issues has evolved from an emerging social movement to mainstream values, requiring businesses to not only integrate sustainability into every corner of their business but be able to verify and certify their sustainable accomplishments. This course will provide students with real world tools that companies can use to develop and achieve their sustainability goals. We will talk about how to create sustainable practices that will respond to consumer’s demand for sustainable products and services. Students will leave the course with an understanding of sustainability issues in today’s marketplace and will have the ability to develop a sustainable marketing plan that considers sustainability with every aspect of a company’s marketing plan. A team based project will have students developing a real world sustainable marketing strategy for their assigned winery.