Wine Marketing Management

Roger Rutan
Course Description
Wine Marketing Management will provide students with a deep understanding of every aspect of real world wine marketing management.  This course will teach students the unique aspects and attributes of the wine industry and how that drives marketing planning and decision making.  The course begins with learning to understand the wine marketplace and the keys to success in today’s saturated market.  Having a deep understanding of target customers is critical.  Students will learn how to evaluate customers and wine markets, ensuring that their marketing strategies will resonate with those customers and will get the desired results. Pricing strategy, supply chain management, promotional and trade marketing strategy, branding and packaging are just some of the important elements of wine marketing that students will master and learn how to apply to real world wine marketing challenges. Students will work in teams with assigned wineries to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy which will be presented to winery owners and managers. While this course focuses on marketing in the wine industry, many of these same tools and disciplines will apply to a marketing career path in other industries.