Courses and Credits

Students may enroll for 12 -16 credits. A required prep course is offered in Winter term for 1 credit. 

Spring Quarter

London Period Styles

Read more about London Period Styles This course is an independent study of art and architectural period styles in London, requiring independent visits to sites, galleries, and museums. If you are interested in design and London history, you may enroll in this course and create your own itinerary and assignment tasks towards building an online or paper-copy journal/memory book following a set chronology…
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London Performing

Read more about London Performing This acting course includes study in voice, movement, improvisation, devising, Shakespeare and clowning. Additional workshops are scheduled as available.
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Recent British Theatre (mandatory)

Read more about Recent British Theatre (mandatory) This is a mandatory course that involves attending plays and classroom discussions five days each week, as well as planned group excursions out of London. Three written papers on specific theatre productions are required, as well as a fourth reflective paper on the program experience as a whole.
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