Scholarship FAQs

Where do I begin?

The first step to become familiar with the different types of scholarships:

  • GEO Scholarships: We offer several scholarships that can be used for participation on any GEO program, including the GEO Ambassador Scholarship and Map Your Future Scholarship.  
  • Merit-based: these scholarships are awarded based primarily on academic achievement, GPA, and/or a notable talent or academic-related skill.
  • Need-based: most scholarships in this category will require a FAFSA on file and they will often ask for a description of financial need in the essays.  
  • Program-specific: some scholarships are available to students participating in a specific GEO program. Other program providers such as SIT, DIS, and CIEE may offer their own scholarships for a student going on their programs.
  • Location-specific: these scholarships tend to focus on encouraging students to study in specific regions or countries, such as scholarships specifically for Japan, Israel, Italy, etc. 
  • Departmental scholarships: your department may offer scholarships specific to students who have declared certain majors, such as International Studies, Romance Languages, and Theatre Arts. Other units on campus, such as CAS (College of Arts and Sciences), the Clark Honors College, and CMAE (Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence) offer study abroad scholarships for their students.  
  • Population-specific: some scholarships are geared toward certain groups of individuals, such as scholarships for first-generation students, students of color, students with disabilities or residents of Hawaii.

Some scholarships may be a combination of these types, such as scholarships that assess both academic merit and financial need.

How do I find scholarships?

  • Use the search function on the GEO scholarships page. Sort through scholarships by categories such as region, term of program, and scholarship type.
  • Schedule an appointment with a GEO scholarship advisor by calling (541) 346 3207.
  • Email our GEO scholarship advisors at
  • Contact your financial aid advisor.
  • Speak with your major/academic advisor.
  • See if certain foundations, religious/community organizations, local businesses, professional associations, or civic groups offer scholarships that could support your goal to study abroad.
  • Research professional associations related to your field of study or interest, or also diversity-based organizations, to see if they offer scholarship funding.

When should I apply for scholarships?
Plan to apply for scholarships early. Scholarship deadlines vary depending on the type of scholarship. Most scholarship deadlines are several months before program deadlines, so you should plan to apply for scholarships before or during your study abroad program application. For national distinguished scholarships such as the Boren Scholarship, deadlines can be as early as a year before the study abroad program starts.

How do I start a scholarship application?
Read each scholarship application and criteria carefully before applying. Each scholarship has its own requirements, and most websites provide an idea of who qualifies for the scholarship, and how to apply. Make sure that you complete the entire application by the deadline.  

For most GEO scholarships, you will apply through our online application system at If you already have an online program application, log in and go to “Programs” on the top bar in gray. Select “Scholarship” under the search form field. The search will result in a list of all scholarships offered by GEO.

For other scholarships, such as national scholarships like Boren and Gilman, or for other UO departmental scholarships like the Oliphant Scholarship for International Studies majors, you will apply through their respective scholarship websites, or via email submission.

How do I receive my scholarship money?
Scholarship distributions can differ depending on the type of scholarship. For most GEO or UO scholarships, UO students receive a credit on their UO student billing account (duckweb). Non-UO students receiving a GEO scholarship such as the Map Your Future or GEO Ambassador will have the scholarship credited on their invoice.

National scholarships often distribute awards directly to the student by way of a check. Contact the source of your scholarship(s) to verify how and when your scholarships will be distributed.

How does receiving a scholarship affect my other financial aid?
Students are responsible for informing the Financial Aid Office when they are awarded a scholarship. Scholarship funds may affect your financial aid package. In general, receiving a scholarship can affect the other aid you may receive because the total sum of your student aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance of your study abroad program.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a financial aid counselor before they finalize plans to study abroad. A conversation with a financial aid counselor will clarify how your aid can be applied to the cost of a study abroad program. UO students can contact the UO financial aid office at