GEO Scholarships for Partner Students

GEO offers scholarship opportunities to students from partner universities who are planning to study abroad in GEO programs. There are scholarships based on financial need and academic merit.

GEO Ambassador Scholarship

The GEO Ambassador Scholarship is a scholarship available to partner students applying to GEO faculty-led programs and GEO Center programs. This scholarship is available throughout the year and has multiple application cycles. Individual awards are each $1,000.

Scholarship Recipient Expectations:

In the academic year following your return from abroad, all scholarship recipients will be expected to act as “Ambassadors” for GEO, sharing your experiences with others on your home campus, in your community, and beyond.

As a recipient of the GEO Ambassador Scholarship, you will participate in a few post-program activities that are of particular interest to you. In some cases, it will be important that you document your experiences while still abroad. 

Post-Program Activities May Include:

  • Staffing assistance at campus study abroad fair
  • A special project in collaboration with your campus study abroad office
  • Classroom presentations
  • Participate in pre-departure orientations or info-sessions for your program
  • Creating a poster for a campus fair
  • Upload captioned photos (minimum: 10 images, 1 MB or larger) of your experience via Dropbox
  • Publish an article about your program experience for a campus e-newsletter or newspaper
  • Participate in a student panel about study abroad
  • A multimedia project such as:
    • Creating and sharing a link to a blog of your experience
    • Creating and sharing a dedicated Instagram account per GEO guidelines
    • Creating a short video testimonial or digital story for sharing on GEO’s Youtube channel

Please note, scholarship recipients who will not be on their home campus in the following year their study abroad program can still serve as a GEO Ambassador. Responsibilities of a GEO Ambassador off-campus could include (but will not be limited to):

  • Presenting on your experience at various local events.
  • Answering questions from peers and/or potential students in person or via e-mail/telephone/IM.


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Application Deadline
Spring Semester: November 1
Spring Quarter: January 10
Summer: March 10
Fall: April 10



Map Your Future Scholarship

This scholarship is available to freshmen and can be used for a study abroad program at any time during your college career. A number of scholarships of $1,000 each will be awarded. These scholarship funds can be used for an eligible study abroad program any term from Summer 2021 to Summer 2024.


  • University of Oregon students or students from a GEO partner or affiliate.
  • Freshmen or First Year Students
    • Note: first-year students with sophomore standing (more than 44 quarter or 29 semester credits) due to AP or IB credits are eligible
  • Transfer students with less than 45 transfer credits from a previous college/university are eligible to apply
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Please note: Students must also later meet the eligibility requirements of their selected study abroad program, which will be determined prior to their departure.

Note: you do not need to know which program you plan to participate in when you apply for the scholarship, and applying for the scholarship does not mean you are committing to a study abroad program.


Eligible Programs:
GEO partner students may use this scholarship towards any GEO program.

Application Deadline:
December 15

Follow-on Requirement for Recipients:
A follow-on requirement of the Map Your Future Scholarship is that recipients will share their experiences and encourage other students to study abroad. More information is available in the online application.


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