Upcoming Application Deadlines

Winter quarter Japan or Summer Exchange Spring quarter Fall, Spring & academic year Exchange Summer term Fall quarter
11/15 1/1 11/15 or 2/15 2/1 3/15 4/15

*Some program application deadlines vary by program. Please verify deadlines on the web page for the programs you are interested in.

Applications to most programs are reviewed on a rolling basis in the order they are submitted, which means some programs may fill before the deadline has passed. We encourage all students to apply for their first-choice study abroad program as early as possible. We strongly recommend students consider one or two back-up programs in case space is not available in their first-choice program.

Diversity & Inclusion Abroad

Hear six UO students discuss their identities in the context of a study abroad experience.

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Mental Health Resource

Free confidential emotional health and well-being support available 24/7.

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Featured Programs

How to Fund Study Abroad

Most forms of financial aid may be used to pay for your study abroad program costs. However, most students need to supplement their standard financial aid package. There are nearly 40 scholarships of varying requirements and award amounts that UO students can apply for. For specific information about awards and eligibility, you should consult with a financial aid counselor at the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Planning Scholarships

There are 4 scholarships to help students fund their future study abroad experience. First generation college students, students with disabilities, and first-term freshmen are eligible to apply and use these scholarships at any point in their academic career at UO.


GEO General Scholarships

You will be considered for up to 6 need- and merit-based study abroad scholarships for GEO-sponsored programs by completing one general application.

  • Eligibility and award amounts vary for each scholarship
  • Region-specific scholarships are available

Freeman Fellowship

Students who apply for a GlobalWorks internship in East and Southeast Asia are automatically considered for this scholarship.

  • Up to $5,000
  • GlobalWorks offers individualized placements in a wide variety of career sectors

Scholarships at a Glance

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