London: Biography of a City - Semester

Dr. Keith Surridge
London, United Kingdom
Course Description
This course traces the growth and development of the city of London from its founding by the Romans to the end of the twentieth century, and encompasses nearly 2,000 years of history. Beginning with the city’s foundation by the Romans, the course will look at how London developed following the end of the Roman Empire; through its abandonment and revival under the Anglo-Saxons; its growing importance as a manufacturing and trading center during the long medieval period; the changes wrought by the Reformation and fire during the reigns of the Tudors and Stuarts; the city’s massive growth during the 18th and 19th centuries; and lastly, the effects of war, the loss of empire and the post-war world during the 20th century. This course will outline the city’s expansion and its increasing significance in first England’s, and then Britain’s, affairs. The themes of economic, social, cultural, political, military and religious life will be considered throughout. To complement the class lectures and discussions, field trips will be made almost every week.