Humanitarian Design & Appropriate Technologies in Tanzania

**Students are encouraged to apply early.  This program has received high interest for summer 2022 and may fill before the application deadline.

The program begins in Nairobi, Kenya where you will be met by our travel partners, Just Connections. They will drive you through the Great Rift Valley into northern Tanzania where you will spend one week working with members of the Burere, Nyambogo, and Roche communities. Afterward, you will then go on a 2-day safari in the Massai Mara before returning to Nairobi to fly back to the US.

Advancing Your Academic Success: Pre-Freshman Studies in Siena

Can’t wait for college to begin? Get a head start on your University of Oregon academic career while studying in the picturesque Tuscan hillside town of Siena. Located in the heart of Tuscany, about 35 miles from Florence, Siena is home to the world-famous Palio, a horse race that takes place twice a summer, and where you will begin your college experience on Global Education Oregon’s study abroad program: Advancing Your Academic Success: Pre-Freshman Studies in Siena.

GlobalWorks Internships: Social Sciences

The GlobalWorks International Internship Program, administered by the UO Global Studies Institute (GSI), offers internship opportunities in a wide variety of industry sectors in locations around the world. Internships opportunities are highly customizable and we guarantee placement in your preferred sector and location. Students earn UO credits as well as life-changing work experience in a different culture.

Internship placements include, but are not limited to, law, fashion, event planning, real estate, hospitality, government service, language translation, and many more!

Reacting to the Past

This course employs an exciting approach to learning called Reacting to the Past. Reacting courses consist of elaborate games, set in the past, in which students are assigned roles informed by historical texts, emerging scientific discoveries, and geographic locations in London. In this class, you will learn to construct arguments from these texts and then support your positions through reasoned, sometimes impassioned, writing and speeches.

STEM in London

This unique, interdisciplinary study abroad program provides you an opportunity to study contemporary and historical issues such as climate change and public health from the perspective of the United Kingdom.  London will create the context for your learning with field trips, classroom discussions, role playing simulations, and reading, all designed to immerse you in the way scientific developments and controversies shaped -- and continue to shape -- modern London, the United Kingdom, and the broader global community.

Charles University Exchange

Application deadline extended to June 15 for Spring Semester 2023.

In this exchange program, you will enroll directly in classes at Charles University. Charles is the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in the Czech Republic. The University has 17 Faculties and 53,000 students enrolled in more than 270 accredited academic programs and 600 departments. The University provides unique opportunities for exchange students to take full advantage of the culture and lifestyle that is uniquely Prague with easy access to the City Center.

CIEE: Advanced Arabic in Amman

The Advanced Arabic Language program is designed to give you the opportunity to take a full load of courses taught in Arabic by combining intensive language study with area studies courses. By doing so, you will develop a high level of proficiency in Arabic and a better understanding of important issues facing Jordan and the Middle East today.

CIEE: Arts and Sciences in Cape Town

The Arts and Sciences program, established in 1998, allows you to pursue your own academic studies while providing first-hand knowledge of contemporary South African society. CIEE students are taught alongside University of Cape Town (UCT) undergraduates and are required to undertake a full program of courses, including all assignments and written examinations. You will also be strongly encouraged to take part in community service.

CIEE: Communications, New Media, and Journalism in Prague

Through direct enrollment at the most prestigious university of Prague, and internships with local media organizations and firms, this program will allow you to develop a deeper literacy about global communication trends, while analyzing and articulating the complexities of contemporary life in the Czech Republic. Prague’s fast-paced and ever-evolving media landscape makes it an ideal place to learn about global communication trends.