Courses and Credits

<p>Take 2-3 courses for 8-10 credits</p>


Global Culture in Segovia

Read more about Global Culture in Segovia Culture surrounds us. The movies we watch, the clothes we wear, the stories we tell, and the music we listen to all contribute to our individual and collective identities. For much of human history, culture has been shaped by our local environments, but today we live in a time in which commodities, bodies, and information flow easily across borders…
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Global Campaign Strategies

Read more about Global Campaign Strategies Today, advertising, public relations, and media professionals play an active role in creating messages intended to reach audiences living in diverse parts of the world. In this class, we will learn how to construct strategic campaigns intended for global audiences. As one of the most important production centers in Europe and a link to the Latin America,…
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Survival Spanish

Read more about Survival Spanish This course is meant for students with little or no experience with the Spanish language. You will learn basic greetings and sayings to help you better navigate the local Segovia community and Spanish culture during the program.
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