Enroll in 4 courses for 16 UO quarter credits.

Spring Quarter

Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece

Read more about Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece Delve into the intricate web of sexuality norms with the thought-provoking course, Gender & Sexuality in Ancient Greece. This enlightening class embarks on a fascinating journey through the lenses of Greek and Roman antiquity, offering a captivating exploration of their attitudes towards crucial aspects of human life: gender…
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Classical Archaeology

Read more about Classical Archaeology Discover the wonders of ancient Greece through a meticulously planned itinerary, including classroom sessions and captivating excursions. Unearth the secrets of Greek religion and sanctuaries, the grandeur of the Pan-Hellenic Games, and the intricacies of justice, democracy, and public life. Delve into the realms of entertainment, private life, and women's roles in…
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Modern Greek Life & Society

Read more about Modern Greek Life & Society Discover the heartbeat of modern Greek life and society in this engaging class. Through a series of captivating site visits in Athens, you'll delve into the rich tapestry of Greek culture, from exploring traditional apiaries to wandering through ancient olive orchards. Uncover the intricacies of Greek daily life, traditions, and practices as you…
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