Akita International University Exchange

Language Requirement: None
Academic Standing by Program Start: See Additional Requirements
Location: Asia, Japan
GPA: 2.75
Program Overview

In this program, you will directly enroll in courses at Akita International University (AIU), a small, liberal arts university located in Akita prefecture in the Tohoku region of northern Japan. With a total enrollment of around 800 students, classes at AIU are small and interactive so you can build relationships with your professors and classmates – from Japan and around the world.

A truly international university, AIU is a welcoming environment for students who may not have previous experience in Asia or with Japanese language. All content classes at AIU are taught in English, allowing you to choose from the full range of classes available. All students at AIU are required to study abroad for a year, and about one in five students on campus are exchange students, contributing to the international environment.

See videos from a UO student who studied at Akita International University here.

Akita City is located on the west coast of Japan's Tohoku region, on the northern stretches of the main island, Honshu. A small city of approximately 300,000, it is known for its stunning natural environment, wide variety of folk culture and performances, and its warm, welcoming people. Akita City is a good fit for students looking for a more personal, immersive experience. While urban Tokyo is only a one-hour flight away, Akita prefecture is a peaceful environment to study and immerse yourself in rural Japanese culture.

Note: Akita International University is a no-smoking campus (including the residence halls). Since smoking is not allowed on campus and there are no places to smoke near campus, AIU has indicated that students who currently smoke are expected to quit before coming to AIU.

Dates and Deadlines
Term Year Deadline Arrival Date Departure Date  
Fall/Winter Semester 2024-25 12/15/2023 Late August Early March  
Fall Semester 2024 12/15/2023 Late August Late December  
Academic Year 2024-25 12/15/2023 Late August Late July  
Spring Quarter 2025 6/15/2024 Early April Late July  

Discount for Pell Recipients

To expand access to study abroad, GEO is offering a $400 discount for this program (Summer 2024 and beyond) to UO students who currently have the Pell Grant as part of their federal financial aid (FAFSA).

Academic Details

You will be directly enrolling in content classes taught in English, and you have the option to take Japanese language classes. Each semester, Akita International University offers a range of classes in the social sciences, arts and humanities, Japanese language, Japan studies, Asian studies, the sciences, and business. For more information about classes offered at AIU, please visit: http://web.aiu.ac.jp/en/academic/

Japanese language classes are available from the very beginning to advanced level, and include comprehensive core courses, self-directed practice courses, and skill courses aimed at helping you develop your reading, writing, pronunciation, etc. While it is not required to have previously studied Japanese before going to AIU, we recommend that you take a language class while there to help facilitate daily life in Akita City and navigating Japan. For students who are building upon previous language study, your language level at AIU will be determined by a placement test. Students at the intermediate or advanced level can take multiple Japanese language classes if you wish to rapidly improve your language level. For more information about Japanese language classes at AIU, please open the PDF file on this page: http://web.aiu.ac.jp/en/academic/japanese-language-courses/

Fall semester students have the option to stay for the Winter Program, an intensive 8-week program from January to March that allows you to study Japanese language, content classes in English, or a mix of both. Yearlong students typically participate in this program during the break between semesters. On the Akita International University Exchange program, you will earn:

  • Around 18-25 UO credits per semester. If you choose to take Japanese language classes, this may include around 5-25 UO credits of Japanese language, depending on your level and how many language classes you take.
  • Plus up to around 14 UO credits in the Winter Program (only for yearlong students and fall semester students who choose to stay for the Winter Program)

Note: UO credits listed here are estimates and are subject to change. Please refer to the AIU links for the updated credit information on their classes. One credit at AIU is equal to 1.5 UO quarter credits.

Course Equivalencies

UO students: please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.

Non-UO students: Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

Additional requirements
  • Junior standing is required for the Fall and Academic Year programs. 
  • Sophomores may participate in Spring term of their sophomore year.
  • If some of your credits are transfer or high school credits, please check with your GEO advisor regarding whether you are eligible.
Application process

The application process for this program is competitiveGEO staff will review your application materials, and a decision about your enrollment will not be made until after the application deadline. In some cases, an interview is required. If your program requires an interview, you will be contacted with further details about this process after the application deadline. Early applications are encouraged.

Successful applicants will receive an exchange nomination from GEO. Selection will be based on a holistic review of your application. This includes a review of your GPA, transcripts (including courses taken and in-progress), any additional requirements or prerequisites (see section "Additional Requirements"), and written statements. 

Applying for an exchange program involves 2 steps. If you receive a nomination from GEO, you will also need to complete the host university's application, which is administered and reviewed by your host university directly. Instructions will be provided after acceptance by GEO. The host university makes the final decision regarding acceptance into the program.

Housing Description

UO students that study at AIU are required to on-campus housing. There are four different housing options: Komachi Hall, Global Village, Sakura Village, or the Theme Houses. The rooms on offer vary: most rooms are double-occupancy with en-suite bathrooms, however, there are also some single-occupancy rooms available. Cafeterias and meal plans are available, and some of the residence halls have a communal kitchen so that you can cook your own meals.

Since 90% of AIU students live on campus, you will find unique chances to get involved, including club activities and student-led events. Students at AIU say that the on-campus community is top-notch, as you are never more than a 10-minute walk away from your friends, classes, and the wealth of activities on offer.

For more information on housing, visit this page: http://web.aiu.ac.jp/en/campuslife/housing/