Program Overview

The University of Latvia is a well-regarded research university on the edge of the beautiful medieval center of Riga. The University was established in 1919 and is a classical European university, with Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics and Medicine. Some of its areas of specialization include: Baltic Sea Region cultural and environmental studies; Latvian language; Russian language studies (all taught by native speakers); philology; computer science; mathematics, both pure and applied; cultural anthropology; education and teacher training; international business, economics; European Union studies.

As a newly-independent country, Latvia is patriotic and welcoming, and is engaged in a deep examination of its deep historical routes, including elements of people from the original Baltic tribes, Germans, Russians and Scandinavians. As a full member of the European Union, it welcomes many international students under the Erasmus Program which will make the UO student’s experience a truly international one in a gorgeous and welcoming Northern European setting.

What is an Exchange?

This is a program in which the University of Oregon and the partner universities exchange students on an ongoing basis. The number of places available to UO students varies based on the number of partner institution students coming to UO. If there are not enough exchange places available in a given year, then qualified applicants will be offered the opportunity to apply as a fee-paying study abroad student, or to apply for an alternate exchange program.

This is an exchange program in which you will directly enroll in courses at a UO partner university. Exchange programs differ from other study abroad options and on-site student support services such as academic advising, health & counselling services may vary. Students most comfortable and successful in exchange programs typically have high levels of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and willingness to adapt to unfamiliar teaching styles and living arrangements.

NOTE: The host university has its own credit and grading system. The transcripts provided by the host institution will be converted by the UO Registrar’s Office based on established standards of conversion. Exchange applicants should meet with a GEO advisor to discuss program details.

Academic Details

The University of Latvia has a number of faculties where students can take courses in the natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, education, psychology, business, and law. There are a number of courses offered in English. The University of Latvia is on a semester schedule. The fall semester starts in September and final exams end in January. The spring semester starts at the end of January and goes until the end of June or early July depending on the year. Students should note that final exams may be written, oral, or both. 

Latvia uses a different credit system. Typically a full load of credits for a semester is 20 credit points, and for a full year 40 credit points. The Latvian credit point system is compatible with ECTS (European Credits). The number of ECTS credits is found by multiplying the number of Latvian credit points by a factor of 1.5. And 1 ECTS = 0.75 UO credits. So students need to be sure to take 20 Latvian credits/30 ECTS credits during a semester at the University of Latvia. 

To find out more information, visit the University of Latvia's website

Course Equivalencies

Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

UO students, please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.

Housing Description

Exchange students are guaranteed university housing provided they apply by the housing application deadline. University of Latvia has two dormitories dedicated to housing international students:

  • “Prima” is a nine-story building. The rent is dependent on the number of students living in the room. Most rooms house 2 students with a shared bathroom. Certain floors have rooms that will accommodate 3 student residents and some will accommodate up to 5 student residents. 
  • "Reznas” is a five-story building set aside just for exchange students. All rooms are doubles (2 students residents per room). There are 2 shared bathrooms and a kitchen area available on each floor.

These two dormitories are not in the city center where the main building of the University of Latvia is located. Students will need to take public transportation (about 20 minutes) to and from their dormitory daily. Riga has a very well-developed public transportation system (buses, trams, trolleys, etc.) making it very easy for students to get around.

Dates and Deadlines

TermYearDeadlineArrival DateDeparture Date
Academic Year2020-212/1/2020Early SeptemberLate June
Fall-Winter Semester2020-212/1/2020Late AugustLate January
Spring Semester – extended20216/15/2020Late JanuaryLate June

Travel Advisories

For current health, safety, and travel advisory information, search the US Department of State country webpage.