Program Overview

This program is designed for you to learn Spanish language through immersion. You can take intermediate or advanced Spanish, as well as courses on Mexican history, literature, and culture. You will study at the downtown campus of Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (UAQ), which is close to Queretaro's beautiful historic district. As part of the immersive experience, you will live with a Mexican host family and have the chance to interact with Mexican students on campus. Querétaro is a beautiful colonial city located in the heart of central Mexico and is home to approximately 900,000. The city is known especially for its excellent universities, growing economy, safety, and cleanliness. Its historic city center is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This program includes excursions to Mexico City, visits to historic towns around the host city, and several extra activities in and around Queretaro.

Academic Details

You can participate in the GEO Querétaro program during a 6-week summer session. If you have completed SPAN 103 or 112 by the time you depart for Querétaro, you can earn 12 quarter credits of intermediate-level Spanish that would fulfill (at the UO) the equivalent of SPAN 201-202-203. If you have already completed the SPAN-200 sequence or equivalent, you may enroll for 12 quarter credits by selecting three courses from advanced 3rd year Spanish courses, contemporary Mexican literature, advanced writing, Mexican culture, and Mexican history. All courses are taught in Spanish by instructors from UAQ's College of Language and Literature. The course on Mexican history examines the 19th and 20th centuries, highlighting moments in which the city of Querétaro played an important role in Mexican history, including the Independence movement, the Reforma era, and the Mexican Revolution. 

Faculty and Staff

Every year, GEO selects an instructor from the UO's Romance Languages Department to serve as on-site faculty coordinator for this program. The on-site coordinator helps students deal with academic and logistic issues and also plans extra activities to enrich the immersive experience students get while in Queretaro.

Housing Description

You will live with a Mexican host family in a modest middle-class home. All students will have access to a private room and you will eat most meals with your host family. The comida (lunch) is the biggest meal of the day; it usually takes place between 2-4pm and it gives students an opportunity to interact with their host family. All families have internet in their home, though the connection may be through ethernet and not necessarily wireless; free internet is also available in the UAQ campus and at many local cafes. You will be able to walk to campus or use a short bus ride to reach the UAQ's Cerro de Las Campanas campus (Downtown) from your homestay location. 

Dates and Deadlines

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Priority Discounts

If your program has a Priority Deadline, complete all pre-decision application materials by this date to receive a $100 credit toward your program fee. Please note, students participating in multiple summer programs are only eligible to receive the $100 credit once.

Note: this $100 discount does not apply to priority deadlines for SIT programs.

Course Equivalencies

Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

UO students, please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.