Distinguished scholarships are nationally competitive and prestigious awards; some support undergraduate students studying abroad, while others support graduating seniors and graduate students pursuing international study or research.

A good application for a distinguished scholarship often requires planning, multiple drafts, and consultation with advisors. The work is definitely worth it. Distinguished scholarships are robust awards and they represent a significant accomplishment for recipients. Note: most distinguished scholarships require US citizenship.  

Gilman Scholarship
The Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards of up to $5000 for undergraduate study abroad. This scholarship is available to students who are currently receiving the Pell Grant as part of their Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA). The Gilman scholarships also embraces diversity and encourages students to participate in study abroad programs that are connected to their academic/career goals.  

Boren Scholarship
NSEP Boren scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students interested in studying abroad to learn a critical language through immersion. Preference is given to those studying in world regions that are important to US interests. Applicants must be US citizens and selection is based on academic merit. The maximum award amount is $8,000 for summer, $12,500 for one semester, and $25,000 for a full academic year. Award recipients must fulfill a service requirement upon graduation, working for selected federal departments and agencies.

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)
The FEA is committed to diversifying education abroad and will award scholarships each in amounts ranging $1,500 - $10,000 for participation in study abroad programs. Preference is given to underrepresented students in education abroad with demonstrated financial need who are applying to study abroad programs known for their academic rigor and immersion elements, sustainable service-learning or volunteering component, non-traditional destination, and who are studying the language of the host country (not English).

DAAD RISE Scholarship
RISE Germany is a summer internship program for undergraduate students in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, engineering and computer science. RISE Germany offers unique opportunities for bachelor degree students to work with graduate students at German universities for a period of two to three months during the summer. RISE interns are matched with doctoral students who serve as their mentors in collaborative research projects.


For assistance for undergraduate study abroad scholarships like Gilman, Boren, FEA, and DAAD, contact Luis Ruiz.


There are several other Distinguished Scholarships to help fund international study or research opportunities that are not study abroad programs. Many of these scholarships are available to graduating seniors and/or graduate students.

Other Distinguished Scholarships