Oviedo Excursions

Tour of Oviedo

Tour the Oviedo Old Quarter, Monumentos Prerrománicos, Catedral and Camara Santa de Oviedo and Cueva Prehistorica El Pindal/Tito Bustillo. Visit the museums of Bellas Artes de Oviedo, Emigración de Asturias and Sidra de Asturias. Enjoy a field trip to Gijón, Covadonga and Cangas de Onis and Llanes. 


Tour the old and new cathedrals, visit the Universidad de Salamanca y Colegios Mayores and explore the Plaza Mayor. Visit the central monuments of the city, home to Spain's oldest university.

Oviedo and Gijón

The program includes three local visits in Oviedo and Gijón, guided by the art history professor and GEO staff members. Admission and transportation are included. Enjoy a walking tour of Oviedo’s medieval quarter and see some of the following: Catedral de Oviedo, Museo Arqueológico, Museo de Bellas Artes and Monumentos Prerrománicos. Visit the coastal city of Gijón and see one of the following: Museo Etnografico Pueblo de Asturias, Termas Romanas, Villa Romana de Veranes, Yacimiento Arqueológico de Campa de Torres, Jardines Botánicos or Universidad Laboral.


Covadonga is the place where a famous battle took place in the year 722, one that marked the beginning of the “War of the Reconquest,” the eight-centuries effort to take control of the Iberian peninsula and that has become a key historical episode in the mythology of Spanish nationalism. We will visit other nearby towns so that students get to know the beautiful and historical Asturian landscape. 


Explore the historic Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gotico) of Barcelona and the Picasso Museum, visit the Sagrada Familia y Casa Mila  works of Antoni Gaudi.