Siena Excursions

Stones and Stories: Trekking Italian Landscapes in Siena

The Via Francigena is a pilgrimage route dating to early medieval times which became an important source of social and economic exchange. The route played a central role in the renaissance in Siena and broader Italy and was experienced by such travelers as St. Francis of Assisi, author Mary Shelley and her husband, and Italian Nationalist Guiseppe Garibaldi. You will explore the natural and social history of the Via Francigena, with an historic and literary focus on the route from the thirteenth century to present.

Wine Marketing in Siena

Business and Accounting majors: : students must take BA 308 before taking the prerequisite course for this program, MKTG 311. Students will not be eligible for the program without having taken BA 308 and  MKTG 311.

Pre-Business Administration majors: students need to be admitted to the business or accounting major, take BA 308 and then MKTG 311 before the program starts