Political Science

African Diaspora Studies in New Orleans and Ghana

This program will explore the transformative journey of Africans to Africans living in America. The program will examine the broad spectrum of the human experience related to the African diaspora, as well as a dedicated emphasis on the relationship between Louisiana and West Africa. The program is designed to take students on a realistic journey through one of the most significant markers in the relationship between America and Africa.

Ashoka University in India

For six weeks this summer, go to Ashoka University, a prestigious, liberal arts University located near New Delhi, for a unique learning experience in a global classroom with Ashoka students. The residential campus provides a great opportunity to learn about India, get a global perspective in classroom discussions and debates, and explore New Delhi and other cities over the weekends to get a cultural taste of a vibrant country.

Business in London

Prepare yourself for a future in global business by studying and interning in London, one of the largest international centers of brand development and management. You’ll take courses from faculty with international finance and marketing experience who are experts in their field. Immerse yourself in business culture and best practices through an individualized internship placement in a variety of industry sectors.

CIEE: Advanced Arabic in Amman

The Advanced Arabic Language program is designed to give you the opportunity to take a full load of courses taught in Arabic by combining intensive language study with area studies courses. By doing so, you will develop a high level of proficiency in Arabic and a better understanding of important issues facing Jordan and the Middle East today.

CIEE: Arts and Sciences in Cape Town

The Arts and Sciences program, established in 1998, allows you to pursue your own academic studies while providing first-hand knowledge of contemporary South African society. CIEE students are taught alongside University of Cape Town (UCT) undergraduates and are required to undertake a full program of courses, including all assignments and written examinations. You will also be strongly encouraged to take part in community service.

CIEE: Middle East Studies in Amman

The Middle East Studies program offers you a series of specially designed area studies courses in such fields as economics, history, international relations, literature, politics, and religion. Area studies courses will provide you with an overview of issues relevant to Jordan and the broader Middle East region. Although there is no language prerequisite, you will be required to take both Modern Standard and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic while in Amman. Colloquial Arabic is generally offered as an intensive mini-course at the beginning of the regular semester.

CIEE: Russian Areas Studies in St. Petersburg

Note: CIEE has suspended this program due to COVID-19 for the Spring 2022 Semester 

The Russian Area Studies (RAS) program is for students who have a beginner to low intermediate level in Russian language and are interested in taking topic courses taught in English. The program offers a set of courses, taught in English, on Russian history, culture, and civilization as well as a Russian language.