Courses and Credits

Enroll in three courses for 10 quarter credits or 7 semester credits.


Wine Marketing Management

Read more about Wine Marketing Management Wine Marketing Management will provide students with a deep understanding of every aspect of real world wine marketing management.  This course will teach students the unique aspects and attributes of the wine industry and how that drives marketing planning and decision making.  The course begins with learning to understand the wine marketplace and the keys…
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Sustainable Marketing

Read more about Sustainable Marketing Sustainability is an important topic that has implications for every business as well as in our daily lives. At the heart of sustainable marketing is the triple bottom line—how environmental, economic, and social practices can be integrated into businesses for the benefit of current and future generations. Consumer awareness of sustainability issues has evolved from…
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Cross-Cultural Communications/Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Siena Summer

Read more about Cross-Cultural Communications/Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Siena Summer Living in Siena offers you two important learning experiences. The first (more obvious) one concerns Italian life and culture, specifically as it is lived out around you in Siena day by day. What is important to people here? What patterns are woven into their…
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