Hispanic Heritage in Oviedo

Language Requirement: 2 years
Academic Standing by Program Start: Freshman or above
Location: Europe, Spain
GPA: 2.5
Program Overview

This program takes place during the month of July and is specially designed for Heritage speakers who are at the advanced Spanish language level.  You will explore the linguistic, social, cultural and geographic diversity of the Spanish language and enhance your awareness of the connections between culture, identity and learning in the context of the Spanish language. You will be in class with other Heritage speakers and will work together to develop your Spanish language skills in needed areas.  Besides working on language development and writing, each day during the last hour of class students will chose among several topics in the areas of literature, art & art history and business. Excursions complement in-class learning and are included in the program fee.
Historical ties between Asturias and Latin America make it a particularly suitable place for Heritage speakers to learn about and explore an important component of their cultural heritage that is shared with Spain and other Latin American countries. During the nineteenth century many Asturians emigrated to America where they created voluntary associations to help them adapt and preserve their cultural heritage.  Eventually many thrived and established deep roots in the countries where they emigrated and remain there to this day.  Some of those who succeeded returned to benefit the towns and villages where they had originated by financing necessary public works such as street lighting and running water.  They also built schools, casinos (clubhouses), fountains and beautiful mansions to spend their holidays or retire. These buildings grace the Asturian countryside and are easily identifiable by their particular Indiano architectural style and by the use of palm trees and other tropical vegetation to landscape their gardens. Nowhere else in Spain is the mark made by the “Indiano” (emigrant to the Americas) as evident as in Asturias.  There are very strong connections between present day Asturians and their descendants and kin living in Latin America today.  In times of political upheaval and economic crisis the decendants of Asturian immigrants have sought refuge in the land of their forefathers thus further strengthening these relationships on both sides of the Atlantic.
Oviedo sits at the foot of the Aramo mountains just 23 miles from the coast.  It is a clean and safe city whose urban design promotes equity and inclusion in historic sites, public squares, car-free livable streets and a culture public gathering places, sidewalk cafes, markets and bars. The hospitality and warmth of the Asturian people coupled with the absence of mass tourism and low presence of English speaking visitors in the region are the keys to Oviedo’s strength as a student learning environment for cultural and linguistic immersion.

Dates and Deadlines
Term Year Deadline Arrival Date Departure Date
Summer 2024 3/15/2024 6/30/2024 7/27/2024

Discount for Pell Recipients

To expand access to study abroad, GEO is offering a $400 discount for this program (Summer 2024 and beyond) to UO students who currently have the Pell Grant as part of their federal financial aid (FAFSA).

Academic Details

Heritage speakers, who learned Spanish from and use it with their family while living in the U.S., usually have strong oral skills in informal registers of the Spanish language. In this course you will develop your Spanish language skills in areas such as grammar, written literature, art and art history, business). Your learning experience will also be supplemented with several excursions in and around Oviedo. Classes are held in the mornings, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the many leisure activities offered in the area during the summer. 

Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with your study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

Course Equivalencies

UO students: please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.

Non-UO students: Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

Housing Description

Students enrolled in the summer Oviedo programs can choose from two housing options: Homestays or the university dorm. Accommodations are awarded on a first come, first served basis according to when you sign the program deposit document and complete the housing questionnaire as part of the program application process.

University of Oviedo Residence Hall (single room with breakfast)
Students who choose this option will be housed in a single room in the University of Oviedo Residence Hall (Colegio Mayor América) located in the Campus de los Catalanes, very close to the University’s sports facilities and in the vicinity of Oviedo’s largest public park. Accommodations include breakfast, to be taken at the residence cafeteria.  

Homestay with a Spanish Family
This is an ideal way to be immersed in Spanish culture and language. Homestay families provide you with three meals a day and light laundry. Each homestay situation in unique and the program cannot guarantee any particular configuration. Host families range from a mother and father with young children, to an older, single host mother. Any arrangement is possible. Please note that regardless of the household composition, you will have access to not only your host, but likely to their extended family and network in Oviedo.  

The homestays are very popular and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to students participating in both summer sessions. Students interested in this option should apply for the program, sign the program deposit document and complete the housing questionnaire in the program application as soon as possible in order to be considered. Please note that there is an additional placement fee of $210 USD per session for students who choose this housing option.