Australian National University Exchange

Language Requirement: None
Academic Standing by Program Start: Sophomore or above
Location: Oceania, Australia
GPA: 3.0
Program Overview

In this exchange program, you will enroll directly in classes at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, Australia for a semester or a year. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline for a semester or full academic year of study. ANU is Australia's top-ranked university, positioned among the world's leading universities, with seven academic colleges, which are ranked among the strongest in the world. 

ANU provides exchange students with plenty of onsite student support. ANU's international office offers general advising for exchange students and organizes social and cultural programs. Local trips and excursions may be offered at the start of the semester. Each Academic College offers academic advising services. Exchange students also have access to student support services such as ANU Counselling, disability services, and LGBTQ support services. Exchange students are required to enroll in Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). ANU provides accepted exchange students with guidance on OSHC enrollment. 
Canberra is Australia's capital and largest inland city, with a population of about 450,000. Canberra's design is inspired by the "garden city" movement, incorporating large amounts of green spaces and vegetation. It also ranks as one of the best places to live according to the Organisation for Economic Co-peration and Development (OECD). Canberra's attractions include the Australian War Memorial, the Royal Australian Mint, the Australian Institute of Sport, the National Gallery, the National Museum, the National Library, and many institutions of the federal government.

Near the heart of Canberra, the ANU campus is an easy walk, bike ride, or drive to some of Australia’s most significant political and cultural institutions.  

Dates and Deadlines
Term Year Deadline Arrival Departure
Fall Semester 2024 2/1/2024 Mid-July Mid-November
Academic Year 2024-25 2/1/2024 Mid-July Mid-June
Calendar Year 2025 2/1/2024 Early February Mid-November
Spring Semester 2025 2/1/2024 Early February Mid-June

Discount for Pell Recipients

To expand access to study abroad, GEO is offering a $400 discount for this program (Summer 2024 and beyond) to UO students who currently have the Pell Grant as part of their federal financial aid (FAFSA).

Academic Details

ANU's academic structure is based on a modular course system, and advanced understanding of content is required. ANU's research intensive focus creates a challenging environment for academically-minded students. You may be eligible for an optional internship course as well.

ANU is comprised of the following Faculties (also known as Colleges): Arts and Social Sciences; Asia and the Pacific; Economics and Business; Engineering and Computer Science; Law; Health and Medicine; and Science. Honors courses (4000 level) and courses from the ANU Medical School are not open to exchange students. Art studio, music, and design courses are limited.  

Your time at ANU will be divided between organized classes and private study. The teaching system uses a combination of lectures, tutorials, and laboratory classes. The amount of time you spend in classes will vary depending on the specifics of the course. As a fulltime student, you should be prepared to put in the equivalent of a full working week into your coursework each week (40-45 hours of study).

The normal full load at ANU is 24 units each semester. Most courses have a value of 6 units, which means you will typically take 4 classes per semester. Six units at ANU is equivalent to 6 UO quarter credits.

You are encouraged to work closely with your UO academic advisor as you select classes at ANU.

You can see more academic information and study options or search the ANU courses catalog.

Course Equivalencies

UO students: please refer to the UO Course Equivalency Process and the UO Office of the Registrar Course Equivalency Database.

Non-UO students: Actual credit awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad advisor for more information.

Additional requirements

You must meet any specific requirements of the courses (majors) you apply for, including those below:

  • Visual arts: You must submit a folio of 12-15 images (slides, photographs, CD/DVD, jpeg files, website, etc.) of current work from your home institution
  • Music: You must submit a high quality audio/video recording of yourself performing
  • Law: You must be pursuing a law degree at your home university leading to admission to practice
  • Business or economics: Applicants wishing to study a full-time load (24 units per semester) for must be studying these disciplines at their home university
  • Australian National Internships Program: You must submit an additional application and require a higher GPA as well as successful completion of two full years of study
Application process

The application process for this program is competitiveGEO staff will review your application materials, and a decision about your enrollment will not be made until after the application deadline. In some cases, an interview is required. If your program requires an interview, you will be contacted with further details about this process after the application deadline. Early applications are encouraged.

Successful applicants will receive an exchange nomination from GEO. Selection will be based on a holistic review of your application. This includes a review of your GPA, transcripts (including courses taken and in-progress), any additional requirements or prerequisites (see section "Additional Requirements"), and written statements. 

Applying for an exchange program involves 2 steps. If you receive a nomination from GEO, you will also need to complete the host university's application, which is administered and reviewed by your host university directly. Instructions will be provided after acceptance by GEO. The host university makes the final decision regarding acceptance into the program.

Housing Description

ANU has eleven different residences for undergraduate students offering a range of catered (i.e. with a meal plan), self-catered (no meal plan) or apartment-style residences. Housing is guaranteed for all undergraduate exchange students who apply by the deadlines. All housing units have laundry facilities, outdoor spaces and study rooms, and are within easy walking distance to shops, cafes, restaurants, sporting facilities, nightlife and public transport.

The student residences offer comprehensive academic, social and pastoral support programs that help you make the most of your time at ANU. See more information about ANU housing options.

You should apply to housing as soon as you complete the ANU application after being nominated by GEO.